Hi, I’m Gail. 🙂

Here’s a few pics of me and my hubby, Luke.

I believe God has blessed me with the gifts of process improvement and organization to help you prosper in the #ParallelEconomy.

Process improvement may not seem exciting (at first!), but I love it because of what it gives us we wouldn’t otherwise have… namely… TIME.

Just think of what you could do with MORE TIME!

A College Professor’s Question Challenged Me

So, years ago, standing at the front desk of the Lumley Aviation Center, I was wondering what on earth I was going to do after graduation. It wasn’t that far away and I didn’t have a job lined up. One of my professors walked up as I discussed my future prospects with the admin assistant behind the desk.

You aren’t just planning on being a mechanic are you?

Those may not be the exact words, but the point was clear, and his sentiment that day has inspired me for nearly twenty years.

It was clear my professor had more faith in me than I’d had in myself. He saw something I didn’t. He was challenging me to achieve something… rather than be stagnant once I had a secure paycheck.

My Own Career Change Puzzled Me

In 2012, about six years into my career as an emergency medical helicopter line maintenance technician, an opportunity to ditch the pager (freezing cold farm field maintenance at 2am) presented itself—and I jumped at the chance. I traded my toolbox for a keyboard and began maintaining the systems it takes to keep an aircraft in the air… inventory management, purchasing, vendor relations, support contracts, administrative odds and ends, accounting, etc.

My co-workers, friends, and family asked all the time, “Do you miss it?”

I missed something about being a maintenance technician, but I didn’t know what for a long time. After about two years, it hit me. I missed troubleshooting. Seeing something that was broken taken back to a functional state. That’s what I missed.

Optimization. That’s what I thrive on, and it greatly satisfied my heart to finally understand what I’m made to do—troubleshoot.

Processes Intrigue Me!

When my behind-the-scenes aviation position opened up, it was essentially like working for an airline that was starting everything from scratch. I applied for, and got a job, that none of my superiors (whom I’d been working with for the previous 7 years) understood that well. It was a totally new position, in a totally new operation.

It didn’t hit me until a few years into that new position that along with the day to day responsibilities of the job, a big part of what I was doing was related to processes.

I’d been using my aircraft discrepancy troubleshooting skills to problem solve all of the scenarios related to my new position. Turns out troubleshooting is a highly transferrable skill!

As someone who loves troubleshooting, it made perfect sense for me to use my problem-solving skills repeatedly to fine-tune the processes I’d created in my new position.

The Realization

A few years ago now, it hit me—my fantastic career in aviation would no longer fulfill me the way it had, once all of the processes required to complete my role’s tasks were established.

That’s when I begin thinking of new ways to make use of my problem-solving and organizational skill set.

Meeting Jesus played a huge role!

And, recently, so has Andrew Torba! Gab.com’s creation of a #ParallelEconomy—one where Christians support each other through commerce—stood out to me! It’s really about so much more than an economy. It’s about bringing God’s kingdom to earth!

I believe with all my heart that the best way for me to honor and glorify God is to use the gifts He’s given me to support the prosperity efforts of individuals and business breaking ground in the #ParallelEconomy.

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